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Stories from the soil

Soil health is a hot topic, and for good reason. Soils are one of our most vital resources and we must give them the attention they deserve. The goal of Stories From The Soil is to advance the collaborative and innovative soil health efforts occurring across the United States by sharing the soil management practices of leading growers, researchers, and land stewards. There has been tremendous progress in recent years in better understanding the importance of soil health practices to provide agricultural and horticultural productivity and sustainability. Follow along as we tell these stories and learn more about the soil beneath our feet.

Series Finale EPISODE 10 - The Future of Soil Health

After travelling the country and hearing from 9 different expert farmers, land stewards, and researchers, Tim Hammerich explains his key takeaways and soil health learnings. For Tim, the future of agriculture in the U.S. is bright. Hammerich reflects on the journey of exploring soil health and the common practices that translate across farms, crops, regions, and soil types coupled with the new, innovative approaches that are pushing sustainable agriculture forward.

EPISODE 9 - A Lifetime of No-Till

What can cause two identical fields to produce different yields despite being farmed the same for 50 years? In this Stories From the Soil episode, hear from North Dakota farmer, Joe Breker, about how history can leave a lasting impact on your soil’s health and its ability to produce quality crop yields. Breker, a no-till farming pioneer dives into the details of conservation agriculture techniques (including no till, cover crops, composting and manure usage, and more) and their impact on soybean and other crop productivity. 

EPISODE 8 - Tools of the Trade

Farmers are being asked to grow more food on less acres on soils that are sometimes depleted. In this episode of Stories From the Soil we will learn how organic farmers are relying on age old techniques and new technologies to accomplish this without sacrificing the level of agricultural sustainability that we have enjoyed for centuries. Hear from Don Perry, Organic Specialist at J.R. Simplot, on emerging technologies and next-generation tools that growers are implementing in organic farming practices. Don explains that productivity and sustainability begins in the soil and how building a healthy soil foundation is integral to sustainable and profitable farming.

EPISODE 7 - Next Gen Farming

How do you determine and implement a game plan for optimizing soil health in land that has been sitting vacant for over 10 years? In this episode we’ll hear from two generations of organic farmers about how they combine conservation tillage with soil testing technology to build and verify healthy soils. For the Morales’ operation, productivity and crop quality start in the soil. Their innovative techniques combine next-generation farming tools with hard learned lessons from the past to improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of their soils in the central California region.

EPISODE 6 - Soil in the city

Beyond the farm fields, we often forget about soil health right under our feet in cities and urban areas. No where is this more apparent than the Big Apple, where the NYC Parks and Recreation team is working to ensure their soils can sustain growth in the concrete jungle. This weeks episode takes us to New York City to meet with Nave Strauss, Director of Street Trees Planting, with the New York City Parks and Recreation department. Learn from Nave on how optimizing soil health with carbon based materials improves tree quality for greater societal benefit.

EPISODE 5 - Against the Grain

Being a pioneer is not easy and takes a lot of courage, especially as farmers in agriculture. After visiting John Herrmann’s no-till farming operation in Haxtun, CO, it gave me new perspective on how some farmers must overcome critical voices when adopting soil health methods that are viewed as being ‘against the grain.’ This episode from stories from the soil explores no till and cover crop techniques utilized to optimize acres. Farmer John Heermann describes his approach to building soil carbon in order to provide a habitat and nutrition for soil biology (microbes). Join the soil health movement and innovative agriculture technology working to improve farmers’ profitability and sustainability.

EPISODE 4 - Carbon: A Buried Treasure

There is some controversy about whether you can actually increase carbon in soils in certain growing regions. In this weeks episode we will hear from farmers and researchers in the San Joaquin Valley of California who are teaming up to flip the script on our conventional thinking. Veteran farmer and soil health builder, John Diener, explains the impact reduced disturbance has had on his bottom line. Gain insight from Jeffrey Mitchell, PhD (Cropping Systems Specialist from UC Davis Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center) on the exciting new frontiers of the ground beneath our feet.

EPISODE 3 - Shifting Soil of the west

We know soils come in many different varieties and types, but after seeing Jay Hill’s operation in Dell City, TX you’ll realize how many different forms of soil can exist! How do you manage soil health when multiple soil types exist? Jay Hill (@HillJay45) will shed light on the issue by describing the process he employs to revitalize and optimize soil health across his fields.

Making sense of soil science

Cover crops provide numerous soil health advantages, including erosion prevention, improved soil structure, and increased organic matter. But, does one size fit all? In this weeks episode, we dig deeper with Dr. Abbey Wick, Assistant Professor, Extension Soil Health Specialist at North Dakota State University (@NDSUsoilhealth).

EPISODE 1 - Uncovering stories from the soil

There’s a lot of research out there about soil health and a ton of technical information. But none of it does us any good unless we can see how it actually takes place at the ground level. My name is Tim Hammerich from the Future of Agriculture Podcast. Cool Planet and I are going to travel the country and capture stories about how land stewards and growers and farmers are actually developing their own soil health and how that impacts their lives and the food they’re growing for you.

Our first episode brings us to Johnstown, Colorado where I meet up with Jim Loar, president and CEO of Cool Planet. Well Jim, I’m really excited about this series, Stories from the Soil, I’m curious though from Cool Planet’s perspective, why invest in a project like this? Well, Cool Planet is a company dedicated to innovation, technology development for agriculture. We have a strong company and a strong team that are dedicated to that. You know, in my career, concepts, ideas, answers, solutions, best come from farmers and so we’re excited to listen to people in the industry, people who are knowledgeable about agriculture, about soil health.

Soil to me is so much more than the media that we use to grow plants, I mean, it is biologically active. It is diverse, and I think we’re going to get to see some of that diversity in this series. It is literally the groundwork for our agricultural system and I think even with modern advances in technology, even with hybrids, even with genetic engineering, even with precision agriculture, we still rely on the soil being healthy for our long-term sustainability has done amazing things when it comes to productivity and efficiency. I think if we’re going to continue that curve throughout the next several generations, we need to put the soil first and then build technologies like you are which work with nature and not against it.

From a farmer’s perspective, sustainability is great. I think they’re probably the most sustainable people in the world, but they have to do it profitably too, so we need to be bringing them tools that help them with productivity and profitability.

Let’s take Cool Terra® for example, a fixed carbon material that goes into the soil that basically provides a habitat for the soil biology. And what I love about what you’re doing is that you can show effectiveness and profitability in the first year while building that long-term soil profile and those are the solutions we need, especially as the farm economy struggles.

Agriculture is humanity. Agriculture is people. Agriculture is the grandfather, the grandson, who’s out there farming the land. Hearing what their issues and thoughts are is important. Stories from the Soil’s going to help us look at a wide cross section.

Well I’m excited because I usually get a chance to talk a lot about this stuff but not a chance to actually visit in person and to get out there and to sit down with these growers and really understand how they’re looking at soil health is something I think is going to be extremely valuable as well as getting different perspectives from all around the country. So, couldn’t be more excited to get things kicked off. Should be a load of fun too. Oh yeah, I can’t wait.

When it comes to the topic of ‘soil health’ there are a lot of different ideas, opinions, and strategies. Stories From the Soil is here to provide perspectives on soil health innovation and management practices straight from the ground level. In this week’s episode, Cool Planet’s President and CEO, Jim Loar, explains the motivation behind Stories From the Soil and how Cool Planet is innovating soil health management tools to support growers and land stewards for greater profitability and sustainability!

An authentic look at the realities of soil health

"This is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, exciting frontiers for farming, is soil biology. It's flat out energizing to be part of this"
-Jeffrey Mitchell, Ph.D
I learned it on the chin this year. We have got to find ways to keep our soil from moving."
-Jay Hill (@hilljay45)
I've been doing soil health things for years, now that my grandson is here, we actually measure it."
-Israel Morales
It's not about getting bigger. It's about getting better."
-John Heermann


Cool Planet and the Future of Agriculture traveled the U.S. and captured stories from the ground level of soil health management practices, innovation, and realities. We are excited to share these stories with you. Check back often for new episodes and stories from different perspectives to learn more about the impact soil health has on our agricultural and horticultural productivity and sustainability. Let’s work together to advance soil health knowledge and management to ensure a long-lasting and productive foundation for growth.

Future of Agriculture podcaster traveling the country with Cool Planet to uncover soil stories

“Soil health is the literal groundwork and foundation of our nation’s agricultural system and our food supply,” said Tim Hammerich,

Future of Agriculture Episode 119

Stories From the Soil with Jim Loar

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