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‘Stories From The Soil’ is a collaborative effort developed by the soil health company, Cool Planet, and Tim Hammerich, the host of the Future of Agriculture podcast, to showcase and advance soil health practices of expert farmers, land stewards, and researchers. 

Giving soil the respect it deserves

“Soil health is the literal groundwork and foundation of our nation’s agricultural system and our food supply. There is a vast amount of information being published about soil health that’s either too technical or too general which results in its importance not translating to our everyday lives – from crops on the farm, the food on our family dinner table, to our nation’s food security. ‘Stories From the Soil’ is a partnership that we hope gets to the heart of soil health by featuring conversations and insights from the people who are dealing with soil issues every single day.” -Tim Hammerich

A Sneak Peak of the voices behind Stories From the Soil

Thank you to the expert farmers, land stewards, and researchers who shared their stories with us! Their innovation, collaborative-approach, and science-based management practices are advancing soil health solutions that will ensure long-term productivity and sustainability benefits. We are proud to share their voices with you.

The future of agriculture

Ideas for feeding a growing planet

Tim Hammerich

Podcast, writer, speaker at The Future of Agriculture
Future of Agriculture

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We want to hear from you! Share your soil health stories with like-minded growers and land stewards to support the collaborative efforts being made to restore soil vitality for productivity and sustainability.